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TV Review: The Orville

Episode Title:  New Dimensions
Original Air Date: 11/30/2017

Notable Guest Stars:

Victor Garber as Admiral Halsey

Paul Vogt (Captian Horbalak):  He played Lord Crawley in the Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.  Which is is one of my favorite fun movies so he has to be mentioned.

So this episode starts off with some digestive humor that has John and Gordon taking a piece of Yaphett and putting him in the buffet food.  Bortus accidently eats the food, ensuing some awkwardness for everyone.  However helps develop our two plots of the show.

A plot is the transition of John Lamarr from a navigation specialist to an engineer.

B plot is Ed’s underestimating his own competance at his job.

The ship hits an anomaly in space and both men have to deal with facing aspects of themselves that they don’t like facing.  I liked this episode because it gave alot of depth to John as a character, as well as bring back minor characters like Dr. Finn’s children, and Yaphet who for once was not hitting on Dr. Finn.

Notable Quotes:

Ed:  He fed a guy to another guy.  This is not what a Leader does.


Isaac: *Pets gordon* Are we…bonding?


  • The facial expression Gordon has when Isaac starts petting him like a cat was hilarious
  • They are doing better with the showing not telling bit of the Ed/Kelly relationship.


  • Okay, I can’t say I find John and Gordon’s joke all that hilarious to start with.

Final Grade: A


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