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The Rewatch 8: The Corbomite Maneuver

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 1.10 The Corbonmite Maneuver
Rating:  4/5
Redshirt Status:  0/16

Notable Guest Stars:

Clint Howard – Balok (the actual). Clint Howard has been in many things over the years, including at least 2 other episodes of Trek. He is also the younger brother of Director Ron Howard.
Anthony Call- Lt Bailey. He was often seen on various soaps including Guiding Light and One Life to Live.


The Corbomite Manuever is the 10th episode aired for Star Trek’s first season, but it was the first episode filmed after the pilots when Roddenberry got the full go for a series. It is also one of the most recognizable episode of Trek along side the The Trouble with Tribbles and City on the edge of Forever. Its got a remarkable simple plot, but the energy is there, and its the first time the main crew got to work together.

This episode shows an easy friendship between McCoy and Kirk, neither of which are afraid to argue (Although they usually stop when Spock raises an eyebrow) their points. They respect each other’s opinons too.

The main plot, as I said earlier is remarkable simple. They come across an alien they’ve never met and have to figure a way out peacefully. Part of the reason this episode was aired so far into the season when it was filmed first is that it requires special affects. Balok, the alien who is investigating the Enterprise’s intentions, was mostly special effects and props except for the last scenes of the episode.

The secondary plots of the episode include Lt. Bailey, a newly minted Navigation controller who has a little bit of trouble handling the situation. McCoy worries about his ability to handle the stress while Kirk feels he is up to it. It seems at the end they were both right. He has trouble handling the situation, but eventually gets a hold of himself and is able to do his job without Sulu doing it for him.

McCoy and Kirk have their own subplot where their friendship is adjusting to the fact that McCoy has to see him as a patient, and Kirk has to see him as a subordinate at times. Spock meanwhile has to deal with sarcastic bridge crew.

Interesting Notes:

  • Interesting view of activities that go on while the ship is not having TV episode adventures such as navigational mapping and medical physicals.
  • I have to wonder why Kirk is the only captain seen to have a Yeoman. I can understand one having a personal assistant, especially the later captains with much larger ships. I’m not entirely sure why Janice Rand has to bring her captain a lunch as they have it set up here.


  • Gives a little basis to the non-adventure times of the Enterprise crew
  • The plot wraps up well, with no lingering questions. Well, except Does Bailey ever go back?
  • Jan is inventive with her phaser coffee.


None to mention


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