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The Rewatch 110: A Matter of Honor

Series: Star Trek The Next Generation
Episode: 2.08 A Matter of Honor(01-30-89)
Rating:   5/5
Redshirt Status: 0 /0/3

Notable Guest Stars:
 John Putch – Mendon.  He appeared earlier in the series as Mordock.
Christopher Collins – Kargon.  He would appear a couple of times on TNG and DS9
Brain Thompson – Klag


 This is a really good episode.  I think TNG season 2 is already, eight episodes in, a better season then season 1.  This episode develops characters and species, has actions, even invokes some old school Klingon/Federation tension.

This episode considers the idea of an interspecies officer exchange program.  It suggests several things.  Starfleet remains primarily Earth, though it allows other federation species into its ranks.  Federation entities are allowed their own ships.  And Klingons apparently are invested in the peace enough to willing sign themselves up for this situation.

This episode is important for many reasons, especially if you are interested in the Klingons as a species.  It shows them on aship of their own, with their own style and their own food.  As amazing as Worf is, he’s a Klingon on a human/Federation ship.  These are Klingons who are on a Klingon ship, some of which have never seen a human in the flesh before.  They interact with each other knowing only Klingon things.  So it’s a different frame of Reference then we have from our previous interactions of Klingons, even Worf.

I’m not entirely sure why it takes Star Trek so long to acknowledge that there are other species with women unless its to be seduced or seduce a prime crew member.  At this point, after five years of footage (TV) and several movies, we have only seen a female Klingon twice.  One in Day of the Dove (Kang’s wife) and now Vekma and her friends.  I personally think it was just an oversight, but it would be nice to see more variety in species.

This episode has a bit of a continuity problem with a later episode, because Riker tries to convince Klag to speak with his father, when Riker himself has father issues, and hasn’t talked to his own father in fifteen years.

Overall the episode is well paced, has a variety of unique points of view, and adds to the franchise as a whole.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Burton Armus based on the story he developed with Wanda M. Haight, and Gregory W. Amos.
  • Directed by Rob Bowman
  •   A lot of Klingon cultural norms are developed in this episode.
  •  Language translation subtitles are used in this episode
  • Look, a Klingon woman!


  • Klingon cultural development
  • Officer Exchange program
  • Picard/Riker relationship
  • Worf and Mendon’s interaction.
  • Worf/Riker relationship


  •  nothing stood out enough to put here.


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