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The Rewatch 128: The Survivors

Series: Star Trek:TNG
Episode: 3.03 The Survivors (10-9-1989)
Rating:  5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/0/21.5

Notable Guest Stars:

John Anderson – Kevin Uxbridge. Anderson was a long time character actor.
Anne Haney – Rishon Uxbridge
. Haney would appear on Star Trek during DS9 as well. She also guest starred on many tv shows including NCIS. She had a reoccurring role on the comedy Mama’s Family.


This episode was hard to review. I had a review already in my drafts reading for posting when I realised It was a poor review to a relatively good episode.

The basis of this episode is that the Enterprise finds a planet that has been devastated by an attack. They find a small square spot of land that is totally alright. They go to investigate, and if possible have the survivors come onboard to be taken to a safe location in case the attackers come back.

The two survivors decline, confusing everyone.

Meanwhile Deanna is esseintially mentally tortured as she is forced to hear the repeating tune of a musical box strong enough to knock out her telepathic/emapthic powers. It reminds me a bit as if she has having a massive migrane. It gets continously worse till she has to be put into a coma to relax and get any rest. Beverly and Picard are dispretely worried for her, as one would be for a collegue and good friend. (or anyone really).

The episode is interesting, and the location shoot was nice. I liked the acting and the writing up till the very end. At the end when they begin to come to their conclusions, I fell a bit lost as to how Picard came up with his idea. It seems like a jump in logic.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Michael Wagner
  • Directed by Les Landau
  • 50th  episode aired.
  • The outdoor scenes were shot in Malibu.


  • I like the name Rishon. I googled it to see if it was actually a name or something made up, but apparently it is part of a name for a city in Isreal (Rishon leZion or LeTsion…Google appears unsure). It does appear to be a name, too, but that came up later in the results.
  • Acting was good
  • Limited characters added


  •  Why does Deanna rarely go on away missions anymore? Surely she would be a good addition to retrieve survivors of an attack. She’s a senior officer too. Since Tasha died, I rarely see the female Senior officers on regular away missions. Beverly sometimes comes down if there is a medical emergency but not usually as a first choice. Beverly I know has taken her bridge command courses, so perhaps its that Deanna hasn’t that she hasn’t taken a turn leading an away mission.
  • How did Picard get to his conclusion?  Did I miss something?

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