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The Rewatch 138: Deja Q

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 3.13 Deja Q (02-05-1990)
Rating:  4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1.5/23

Notable Guest Stars:

Corbin Bernsen – A Q.  He’s probably most known in my family as Shawn’s dad from Psych.
Richard Cansino –  Garin. He appears to mostly be a voice actor and has the added claim to fame as being Rita Hayworth’s nephew.
Betty Muramato– Bre’el Scientist.  She also appeared in Knots Landing and Married with Children.


Its time for our annual trip with Q, but this time Q is without his powers.  The Continuum has decided enough was enough, and exiled Q. He was given his choice of species to be mortal as and despite his general disgust with Humanity, he decides to be Human. Since he’s human, he decides to hang out with his favorite ship.

He arrives naked of course. He’s given some clothes by the crew (not to his style) and put in the brig.

This episode overall has a comedic feel, as we watch Q deal with the little things of human life – like learning about sleeping and eating.  Also watching Guinan finally get her revenge is amusing (although I would think Q could have had more injury). It was also interesting to see Data vs Q’s opinions on humanity’s traits.

I wish we could have learned more about the Calamarains. There are alot of throw away species in Star Trek.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Richard Danus
  • Directed by Les Landau
  • Originally this was supposed to be a trick on Q’s part, but Gene Roddenberry nixed the idea, deciding if they wanted to do this kind of story, they should do it where Q really does loose his powers. I agree with Gene on this point.
  • This episode uses footage from previous episodes.
  • John De Lancie does not play the trumpet, so someone recorded the performance for him to act out.
  • First episode to show more “Q” from the continuum.
  • This episode is the source of the more popular Picard facepalm memes.


  •  This is probably the least annoying TNG Q episode.
  • We get to see others of the continuum.
  • Brent Spiner’s deadpan delivery is amazing in this episode


  • Nothing stands out.

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