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Bookit Review: Once Upon A Second Chance

Title: Once Upon A Second Chance
Author:Marian Vere
Publication date: 2012

My Grade: B

My Review:

I actually read this in one sitting.  I was having trouble sleeping, so I decided to read.  The book I was reading turned out to be, well, horrible, and I couldn’t finish it.  I instead went to the  online store and I stumbled upon this one which is based on Persuasion.  That’s always a good point for me, as that’s one of my favorite books, and definitely my favorite Austen.

The book follows Julia, a financial advisor slash administrative assistant.  She was partially raised by her older sister Lisa (Who I assume is taking the role Lady Russell plays in the original) who encouraged her to end an engagement after they had only been dating a few months.

8 years later they meet again when Nick, the ex-fiancee, shows up at her firm and gets assigned her team.  Julia’s best friend, Bree (the Louisa of the book) soon finds herself infatuated with Nick much to Julia’s discomfort.

Miscommunication, awkward midnight meetings,  jellyfish, and impromptu engagements happen along the way.

I actually like this book.  It remains unique while taking on the vague outline of Persuasion.  If you’ve read the book you can pick out the references, but if you haven’t, its not going to feel old, or like they are trying too hard, which sometimes happens when someone tries to make a modern adaption of an older book.

Its also relatively inexpensive right now, only $3 for your kindle when the usual going rate is about $8.

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Lost In Austen (Movie Review)

I had Lost in Austen on my Netflix Instant Queue for several weeks, and last night my mother decided it was time we watched it.  It was a 3 hour long movie about a girl named Amanda Price who has a doorway to the Bennet’s house in her bathroom.  She’s got a mother urging her to marry, a boyfriend who wants to marry her but proposes when he’s drunk so she doesn’t believe him, and a flatmate who appears for about 5 minutes total in the movie so she is unimportant.

spoilers beneath. Apparently I have trouble explaining a movie without explaining the whole movie.  But there is a lot I left out.

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