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Bookit Review: Second Opinons

Title (s): Second Opinions
Author:Ruby Cruz
Publication date: 2016

My Grade: A

My Review:

I have a weakness for Austen adaptations and variations.  This one is a modern version of Pride & Prejudice, or rather the sequel to the modern version of the tale, First Impressions.  In the first novel, we find Lizzy as a nurse in a community hospital alongside her sister Jane. Lydia is her step-sister and also works at the hospital, and Charlotte Lucas has become Luke, yet still remains Lizzie’s best friend and confidant. .  Along comes Drs. Will Darcy and Charlie Bingley and we are on the path of the original novel, with some obvious changes due to time period.  But it was fantastically done and one of the better Modern AU adaptations I’ve read  (My favorite remains The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

In this story, Darcy and Lizzy have been dating for a year, but their path to being happy still has some obstacles from the original story to go through: Namely  Dr. Catherine DeBourgh, Darcy’s Aunt and the Chief Medical OFficer of DeBourgh Medical group. The novel starts with Darcy’s Grandfather, Walter DeBourgh dying.  While genuinely distraught, Catherine uses this opportunity to help wedge apart the couple by asking her nephew to help her take care of the family business since Walter was the CEO.

I enjoyed this novel on its own merits, but also as a modern P&P.  I liked the ways the author deals with both Darcy’s flaws and Lizzies, and incorporates the minor characters to give them rounded endings.  I especially like Lydia’s role in this story.  She’s grown up and is starting to stand on her own two feet, and ends up being Lizzie’s support when she needs it, which is a different track than you usually find Lydia on.

I eagerly look forward to her third book, which details a romance for Georgiana (called Ana in this series).


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