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Book it Review: Bad Boy’s Bridesmaid

Title: Bad Boy’s Bridesmaid
Author: Sozie Frost
Publication date: 2016

My Grade: D

My Review:

I decided tuesday that after a seven day stretch of work without a day off I was going for something mindless, fun and fluffy.  And romance novels tend to be that for me.  Except this one didn’t really live up to expectations.

The characters are underdeveloped. The author glances at backstory that should impact the characters but its barely touched upon.  There isn’t enough to latch onto.  You don’t really develop any real care for the characters, minus perhaps the lead female character who is basically trying to keep her family together while her parents are splitting up, her sister is getting married and freaking out, and no one really seems to care that she’s getting all the weight of keeping things together till two quarters of the way through.  And apparently the lead male character figuring this out is supposed to be a sign that he truly loves her.

There is a lot of swearing up front as a form of dirty talk, but I found it not very sexy.  There was too much of it.

The only thing that gave this story points is that it wasn’t so bad I couldn’t finish it (which has happened) and it had an interracial couple and I’m happy to see some diversity in my books.  Although that being said, the subject comes up only twice, and is used in a vague sense you aren’t sure if it’s actually an issue or not.

The book came with two “Bonus” novels which I initially thought were going to be two novellas that she wrote about the characters later on, but no it was basically a similar story, with other characters and this book did not leave me wanting to read more.


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