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The Rewatch 222: If Wishes Were Horses

Pausing a Moment to Remember Louise Fletcher, who was a remarkable actress and DS9 would not be the same without her.

Series: Star Trek: DS9
Episode: 1.16 If Wishes Were Horses (May 17, 1993)
Rating: 3/5
Red Shirt Status: 0/2

Notable Guest Stars:
Keone Young (Buck Bokai)- Young is known for both his live-action and voice work. I can’t say I’ve seen any of his scenes in the live action credits to his name, but he did voices for Mulan II and Sofia the First.

Michael J. Anderson (Rumpelstiltskin) – Anderson has appeared on shows such as Twin Peaks and Carnivale. But as an more important factor, he was a NASA tech operator before he went into acting. Which makes the scene where Rumpelstiltskin asks to help O’Brien amusing as the actor probably could have helped.


I can’t say this is one of my favorite episodes, and to be honest it has all to do with the Alternative Dax. To be honest DS9 in general has a history (or will as we are in season 1) of turning sexual elements into the creepy realm (see: All Mirror Universe Episodes).

The episode starts with Jadzia, once again, turning down Julian. Apparently Julian has been quite a flirt over this past year and Jadzia doesn’t’ seem to see that as a point in his favor when it comes to believing he’s been pining after her desperately. Honestly I agree (but that has mostly to do with my thoughts on the differences between his relationship with Jadzia, and his later relationship with Ezri.). Needless to say, Julian leaves the situation without a date.

Something is afoot in the station however as Molly finds Rumplestilskin in her bedroom after reading about him, and Jake finding a historical ball player in his. Then it gets weird because Julian wakes up to find a Dax (for simplicity, Alt-Jadzia Dax is going to be Dax) who is all into him. He thinks its a prank at first, uncomfortable with it, till he assumes it must be a dream he’s in, and goes for it.

Except its not, and he’s back to thinking his friends are mocking him.

The episode continues on this track for quite a bit, with the manifastations of their imagination coming and going. Trying to convince them to let them stay. Its a largely forgettable episode, in all honesty, and if you feel like skipping this one on your journey through DS9, you won’t miss anything.

I do have to give points for Emus being used for alien birds. Emus are great, and if you have free time look up the Great Emu War.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Nell McCue Crawford, William L. Crawford and Michael Piller
  • Directed by Robert Legato
  • The long form of the inspiration for the title is “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. According to Wikipedia it is a Scottish proverb suggesting if things could be made to happen by wishes, everyone would have everything they wanted.
  • Apparently Rumpelstiltskin was originally meant to be a leprechaun but Colm Meaney objected to it, feeling it was laying into negative stereotypes of Irish people. It actually makes more sense for Rumpelstiltskin to be there so I’m not sure how the Leprechaun would have worked out in any case.


  • I always love seeing Keiko and Molly.
  • Emus!
  • Odo’s display of humor/imagination


  • I find the Julian and Dream Dax a bit uncomfortable.. Honestly the over-the-top sexualization in DS9 (particularly in Miror Universe episodes) tends to make me uncomfortable. Its more present in DS9 but the problem continues into VOY and ENT with how T’Pol and Seven are treated and dressed. (and we just won’t get into Kess at the moment).

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