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The Rewatch 226: Dramatis Personae

Series: Star Trek: DS9
Episode: 1.18 Dramatis Personae (May 31, 1993)
Rating: 3/5
Redshirt Status: 0/2

Notable Guest Stars:

Tom Towles (Hon’Tihl) – Tom Towles was a popular character actor, and he worked on both DS9, Voyager and Firefly.

Randy Pflug( Guard) – Pflug, who goes by Randy James, is a continuing background actor on Star Trek. He also worked as a stand-in for several actors including Colm Meaney.

Jeff Pruitt (Ensign) – like Pflug, he is a continuing background actor on Star Trek.


I’m not a big fan of civil War/Mutiny story lines because I like watching the crew act like a team. In this episode, Some outside force (Telepathic vortex?) causes everyone to act out of character – or are they? I feel in reality it makes a little character quark of each of the characters to go into overdrive and become their driving characteristic.

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Let’s start with Sisko. In this episode he is almost preoccupied with his clock to the point he doesn’t really concern himself with what is going on with the station. Sisko loves his history and he also likes to tinker with things, building things. In this episode its like he is stuck in a hyper-focus on that clock. Of course that clock is a piece of the society the telepathic energy is trying to remind people of, so it has significance on its own. He also is unusually violent with his reactions.

Kira, likewise, has a tendency to be more militant, having just served a war for her basic survival. She usually also has compassion though, but in this episode she also has a hyperfocus – Control of station and vengeance against the Valerians. She lets this taint her view of Sisko and O’Brien.

Jadzia is the opposite, more lethargic and prone to drifting off into her memories. Julian too is not agreesive, but he does show his innate curiosity and strategic mind. Miles is super in security mode – but then again, he has the history to be extra cautious. He, like Kira, has fought in wars and also has a history of being protective of his commanding officers.

There wasn’t much follow through at the end of the episode. Julian creates a force field interrupter to help disperse the telepathic energy (Again – for someone who only dabbled in engineering he does alot of it. This is pretty much why I give the Augment storyline a ok) and everyone is back to normal. Other then an apology by Kira we really don’t see anyone’s reactions. Did Miles O’Brien have a reaction? What about the Bajoran who tried to kill Sisko? I don’t see how that wasn’t traumatizing for him.

But alas, this is a Television show and not a book, and is therefore limited by its media type. They only have 42 minutes.

Interesting notes:

  • Written by Joe Menosky
  • Directed Cliff Bole
  • The name of this episode is in latin, and translates as “The Persons of the drama” It has become a phrase used to notate the characters in a work.


  • This episode gave some change of pace for the actors.


  • There really isn’t any follow through. We do get Kira’s apology, but never see how the others react to their actions.


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