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The Rewatch 211: Past Prologue

Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Episode:  1.03 Past Prologue (01/11/1994)
Rating: 5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1

Notable Guest Stars:
Jeffery Nordling (Tahna Los)- He is probably best known for his role on Once & Again. He also can be seein in D3:The Mighty Ducks
Andrew Robinson (Garak) – He works primarily as a character actor, but notable has appeared in Dirty Harry, Hellraiser, and of course DS9 where he appears as a regular character after season 2. He also was the director of the Fine Arts program at University of Southern California focused on acting.
Vaughn Armstrong( Gul Danar) Vaughn Armstrong has played a record 12 characters over the course of Star Trek.  This is his second appearance and second character.  His longest running character is that of Admiral Forrest in Enterprise.
Gwynyth Walsh (B’Etor) Walsh appears several times on TNG, and this particular episode of DS9 as B’Etor.  She also will appear in Voyager, but as a different character.
Barbara March(Lursa)- While known for her role in TNG, she also has written several plays that have been published in other languages.  She sadly passed away in 2019.
Susan Bay (Admiral Rollman) – Her part was fairly minor in this scene, but she will return in a later episode as the same character.  Star Trek has been in her life a long time as she is the wife of Star Trek Alum Leonard Nimoy.


Without even watching this episode- which I have only watched once before – I know we are in for a ride.  The Duras family is back in the picture.  They are always up to no good, no matter what series you are watching.

But first, I was remiss in my last review to mention Jake Sisco.  Cirroc Lofton plays the son of Benjamin Sisko and is listed as a major character on the series.  He’ll appear through out the series, often with Nog, who I did mention in the previous episode’s review. I was focused on the Starfleet crew I forgot to add him into the list.  Not that he is any less important.

Speaking of the not less important, today we get to meet Garak.  He’s a regular on the show, and likes to be thought of as “Plain Simple Garak.”  No one buys this.  Literally no one.  Even Julian Bashir, who is known for some awesome bouts of obliviousness,  does not buy this.  He acts as both a comedic role and a rich source of side plots for the writers to explore.  He’s a spy, but he’ll admit to nothing unless its in his best interests.  And maybe Bashir’s.  But that’s another story (which may depend on your shipping preferences too).

This episode is a Kira episode.  Nerys gets put through the wringer trying to help her friend Tahna Los achieve asylum only to find out he’s using her for his own plans. She has to choose between loyalty to her friend, and loyalty to the government she serves under.

Kira chooses to remain loyal to SIsko and Bajor, something that doesn’t quite sit well with her.  A lot of Kira’s story in the first season or two is coming to terms with the changes from a freedom fighter to a steady defender of the planet.  She is not longer fighting the authorities; she is the authority.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Kathryn Powers and Peter Allan Fields
  • Directed by Winrich Kolbe
  • This episode was filmed third, so there are some changes to sets, costumes and make-up that were made after “A Man Alone” that make the episodes appear a bit…awkward together.
  • Elim Garak’s occupation was a reference to Man From Uncle.  Which is actually not that bad a show.  I liked the film version a lot, though the reference made doesn’t appear in the films.  In the television show the spy network  UNCLE is hidden behind a tailor’s shop, not unlike the Kingsmen series.  I definitely recommenad watching a few episodes of Man From Uncle and the film.
  •   This episode introduced Garak for the first time, and set up the long story arc of his character turning Julian Bashir into someone who makes an excellent spy. 
  • Andrew Robinson, the actor for Garak, has described Garak’s interest in Bashir to be attraction, though its never confirmed by storyline.
  • Vaughn Armstrong plays his second character out of 12 that he has played for Star Trek in this episode. 
  • First episode to present gold pressed latinum.


  • Elim Garak.  I love Garak.
  • Alright, I find Julian clueless in this episode (see below) but I feel like this is where Julian being Augmented could fit in.  He’s overdoing his dumbness to hide himself.  He really doesn’t do himself any favors, because I’m pretty sure Sisko thinks he’s a dumbass and Jadzia is thinking he’s way too young as far as maturity goes to get involved with.


  • Ok, Julian is so totally awkward in this episode.  Its adorable, but a bit out of place.  He seems so clueless at this point.

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